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OOMAP Blueprint
Tip: zoom in to see the Blueprint map.
Tip: click where you want the centre of your sheet to be. Click and then drag the blue dot to move the sheet.
Tip: Happy with your map? Click "Save & get PDF map".
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Scale 1:
Welcome to Blueprint by OOMap!

To create a map:
  1. Zoom and pan to your favourite area, using the standard map on the left. Once zoomed in a certain amount, the Blueprint map will show.
  2. If you like, you can zoom in further for more detail!
  3. Use the controls at the top to place a sheet on the map, and adjust scale/size etc.
  4. Optionally, set the title of your map using the edit button on the top right.
  5. Create your high quality PDF map by clicking the "Save and get PDF map" button on the top right.
  6. A PDF will download a few seconds later. You can now open and print this PDF!
Created by Oliver O'Brien
Attribution (OSM) About Comments?
Supported by The Orienteering Foundation.