Mapping and Data Consultancy

OOMap provides bespoke consultancy services, including data analysis, web development and digital cartography, as well as website hosting and management. Some of OOMap's recent public-facing projects include:
Maps: SIMD.scot British Academy Languages Map
Data: USP (Flow data) Both: TubeHeartbeat

Bike Share Map: Live data on bikeshare from 300+ cities

The Bike Share Map collects and maps data from docking stations around the world in real time. View the live status of each system, or replay the last 48 hours of data to see the ebb and flow of bikeshare bikes.
Global London Paris NYC
UK Shared Micromobility Dashboard

OpenOrienteeringMap: The easy Street-O map creation tool

OpenOrienteeringMap was created in 2009. The project has been taken on and greatly extended by David Dixon. The latest version (v.4) is now hosted by him, as a single global edition.
Version 4 Version 4 (backup)
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